Zoom magazine subscriptions gift: CAMERA NECK STRAP

Codice articolo: KIT_ZM_USA_STRAP
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Editore Rodolfo Namias Editore
Formato 240X325mm
Lingua English- Italian
Pagine 116
Tipo rivista Rivista in grande formato e alta qualità di stampa

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1 year / 4 issues + Camera Neck Strap as gift

The Camera Neck Strap that we offer is ideal for transporting a mirrorless camera or a compact camera, as well as a reflex. Available in grey or black, both with leather inserts and hand-stitched finishes, this Neck Strap will allow you to carry the camera around your neck or even on your wrist, given its tubular shape, in the most varied situations.

• Colours: Black - Grey

• Material: Cotton & Nylon

• It hooks up to the camera thanks to two metal rings protected by two leather inserts that preserve the frictions given by the assiduous use may damage the body of the machine.

• The thread used for seams is made of cotton and nylon, very resistant.

• Its tubular shape, and not as a webbing, allows not only to make it pass comfortably around the neck but also to roll it around the wrist helping prevent the redness caused by rubbing on the skin, even during prolonged use of the camera, being entirely in cotton.

- Shipments all over the world

Zoom is an exclusive printed magazine. It's a must for photographers, picture editors and art directors. Since 1970 Zoom features the best photographers from Europe, to America, and Asia. Zoom is a must for  the fine art galleries, for its articles about the fine art photography market. As for its high quality printing and paper, Zoom is a collectable magazine that can fascinate all the people that love the beautiful photos, printed in a large format.

Zoom is quarterly (4 issues/year), available only by subscritpion or single issue.


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