Zoom subscription: EUROPE

Zoom subscription: EUROPE

Codice articolo: A_ZM_EU
Disponibilità: Disponibile

Editore Rodolfo Namias Editore
Formato 240x325mm
Lingua English- Italian
Pagine 116
Tipo rivista Rivista in grande formato e alta qualità di stampa. Made in Italy

1 year / 4 issues
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Zoom is a must for photographers, picture editors and art directors. Since 1970 Zoom features the best photographers from Europe, to America, and Asia. 

Zoom is a must for  the fine art galleries, for its articles about the Fine Art market

As for its high quality printing and paper, Zoom is a collectable magazine that can fascinate all the people that love the beautiful photos, printed in a large format.

Zoom is quarterly (4 issues/year), available only by subscritpion.


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